by Christopher Foltz

I know i have been really infrequent with my posts lately. Busy with work, two months until our wedding, and just a load of other things. I have been keeping my Flickr and my Wesbite up-to-date so always check there if you are interested in my most recent photographs.

Here are two of my most recent favorites, taken the same night at very close locations which made it east to catch the sunset and blue hour within 30 minutes of each other.

First the sunset over Diversey Harbor:


And a blue hour shot from the Lakeshore Path at Fullerton (yeah have posted about 10 shots from here I know, I love it though), had to set-up the tripod in the Lake and balance carefully to compose this one:


Will try and update more often, as things calm down, though with the wedding drawing near I cannot promise anything… Stay Tuned!