Sunrises and Sunsets in Chicago

by Christopher Foltz

Not being on a coast like a lot of others, sunrises and sunsets can be difficult. The nice part is Chicago does have some great sunrises over Lake Michigan. I went out Mother’s Day morning to try and capture one, this is what came of it:

Good Morning Chicago

The board was just stuck there, though I did straighten it and made it more stable, otherwise the waves would have washed it down.

Now sunsets in Chicago become very difficult. There are not too many places to really catch it from, you either need to get up high, or get out on one of the few spots that lets you view the city from the east. One of my favorite spots is Olive Park which I have mentioned before, I take a lot of shots here. This past Tuesday, and interesting one happened when I decided to do a HDR panorama of the sunset. It came out with the city looking like Fire and Ice:

Fire and Ice

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!