Spring Rainstorms

by Christopher Foltz

Anyone else tired of the rain? When will it just warm up and stay? The only thing good is the storms provide great drama for photographers. You just have to be prepared for it: Umbrella, waterproof camera bag, camera covers, rain jacket, waterproof boots, and an escape plan!

Ah the escape plan, this past Thursday as I was staying at my soon to be in-laws condo dog sitting, I felt this was a good opportunity to go outside and get some blue hour shots of downtown, since they live right there. So I headed up by Oak Street Beach, and the clouds were very interesting and dramatic. Perfect for a cityscape taken from the beach, remember to get low. Well as I was finishing up, I felt it sprinkle, now I knew it was suppose to rain and had checked the radar and all. Well the sprinkle only lasted for a few moments, then stopped. Then the downpour started. Of Course, now my bag is waterproof so the camera went in right away and is fine, phewwww, but myself, the only thing I had on was the boots, my coat and jeans were not so water proof and by time I get under the pedestrian path under Lakeshore Drive, I was soaked. But I think this shot was well worth it:

Waiting for the Rain

My advice for shooting in and around rainstorms, be prepared. It is some of the best times to shoot the sky due to the clouds that storms bring, but just be ready. Don’t forget to check out my site if you are interested in prints or licensing: Christopher|F Photography!!!