A Rose with No Name

by Christopher Foltz

This past week, I decided to head down again by the lakeshore path. I started walking south from Fullerton towards North Ave, and saw another photographer setting up for a blue hour skyline shot from one of the break walls along the beach. So I continued down the path for a minute figuring out what I wanted, if anything, to shoot. Then I just decided to walk down by the water. It was very windy and the waves were crashing decently hard into the beach. You could see where the city is working on getting the beaches ready for the summer season. As I strolled up I saw a large log sitting washed up on the sand and was thinking this could make a beautiful photograph. That is when I looked to my left and something caught my eye. A beautiful, still in pretty good shape, wet pink rose, sitting in the sand.

Washed Away

This was exactly how it was laying, around with all the scattered rocks that the wake had stirred up. This is the point where I wished a had a stronger nd filter to get the water smoother since it was still a good 40 minutes till blue hour, but I wanted the sky how it was, so I used what I had, and came up with this shot.

The question is now, what is this from? Some lost love that fell apart, or just some flower that lost is way from the bouquet it was once apart of? A mystery to those who view it, but that night it was meant to be captured.