New Nifty Fifty

by Christopher Foltz

So Nikon finally announced last night its new Nifty Fifty, replacing the old but popular 50mm f1.8D with the AF-S 50mm f1.8G, so it will now auto-focus with the lower Nikon DSLRs. I would be interested if I did not already have the older 50mm and the 35mm f1.8 that focus’s with my D3000. Still waiting for the new reboots of the D700 and D300s. Come on Nikon, get with it!!

In my news, my site has been getting some good hits, so thank you to those who have checked it out, please while you are there sign the guestbook, makes me feel the love: Christopher|F Photography. Should be getting a custom URL in the next week or so, hopefully.

As for new shots, been the worst weather possible lately in Chicago and the Midwest, but last Saturday was beautiful and my fiance and I took our Peekapoo out to her favorite park to run around and socialize with some other dogs. It was so nice, perfect weather. So I snapped a few shots from there:

Keep Off Rocks

And a handheld pano consisting of five shots:


And the final image, the wonderful Jersey, my fiance and I’s hilariously adorable dog:

Have a good week everyone!