Holiday Weekend

by Christopher Foltz

Three day weekends, have to love that. I hope everyone has a great Easter. Just wanted to update quick since I probably won’t get a chance this weekend.

Some news, looks like Nikon has finally updated its Nikkor 50mm f1.8 so now it will be AF-S. They page showed and and disappeared pretty quickly from the Nikon Imaging page. According to it seems they will announce it as soon as next week. Don’t think I will purchase the update since the old 50mm f1.8D is great. I am still waiting for those D700 and D300s replacements. Nikon hurry up!

Other news, my SmugMug Site has really come together. Soon I will get a custom URL, and this will become my portfolio page, so if you haven’t please take a look and sign the guestbook. Any suggestions let me know, always looking for feedback.

randolph Street

Here is a blue hour shot taken the same night as the previous post’s Bean shot looking West on Randolph Street where it splits into upper and lower drives. Speaking of Bean shots, the Bean shot from the other day was my first shot to end up on the featured front page of HDR Spotting so take a look over there for some fantastic HDR shots.

Finally, another view of the Bean only done in Black and White:


Have a great holiday weekend everyone!