A Tale of Two Plazas…..

by Christopher Foltz

This past Saturday I spent a couple hours strolling through downtown Chicago capturing some scenes. Two that kind of stuck out were not planned and were just eye catching moments. Now, with that said, there are no people in either shot, they are of two buildings plaza areas. In fact they are located right across the street from each other and are very popular. I was able to catch them on a Saturday Night when no one was present in both (don’t ask how I got that lucky and did not have to wait either for people to walk through).

The first is from right by the Chicago Tribune Building and NBC Studios. Right at Michigan Avenue and is a popular spot for tourists to stand and take pictures. The thing that drew me to take this shot is the blue lights in the sidewalk:

The Plaza

The second is the Wrigley Building Plaza, specifically the walkway through the middle of it leading to the Trump Tower:

Wrigley Plaza

What I think are some interesting open spaces and the surrounding architecture, may go unnoticed to others, and since I have slowly picked up photography, I noticed I am more keen on seeing things I know I missed in years past. Never underestimate the simplest shots, which can really be the most interesting.