Chase Tower Study

by Christopher Foltz

Chase Tower, not the tallest or the most popular of Chicago’s many skyscrapers, but I must admit, there is something that is really intriguing about it. Finished in 1969, it has a distinctive curve to it and a beautiful public plaza that is sunken in to the ground. At 850 ft. tall it is the tenth tallest of Chicago’s buildings, and the tallest located within the loop’s Elevated Tracks.

From the plaza when looking up it is a decently wide building, here it is with its clock tower in the front:

Again, looking up the tower, only this time from its curving edge:

Chase Tower

Lastly, within it’s beautiful plaza, the Mosaic “Four Seasons” stands from artist Marc Chagall. Dedicated in 1974, it was a gift to Chicago from the artist and was featured in the documentary The Gift: Four Seasons Mosaic of Marc Chagall.

Four Seasons

These are a little different my from normal cityscape style shots, still trying to expand my style and portfolio. Hope everyone had a great weekend!