Favorite Things to Read…

by Christopher Foltz

If you are anything like myself, you love to read about anything photography: Blogs, articles, rumors, etc… This is a post of some of my favorite sites to read. Most of these can be found in my links on the side of the blog but I figured I would place them in an Article with some descriptions as well.

Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider’s Blog: Scott Kelby is a wonderful photographer and a Photoshop/Lightroom Professional. His blog is always interesting and you can gain so much from his articles.

Stuck In Customs:Trey Ratcliff’s travel photography blog. Trey is mainly an HDR photographer and has the honor of having one of his works be the first HDR ever in the Smithsonian. He also has one of the best HDR tutorials out there on his site.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips: Matt Kloskowski’s blog with tips, hints, and general good practices using Lightroom. He is part of the Kelbytraining group. Always helpful plus he posts lots of presets to help you through your work as well.

Photofocus: Scott Bourne’s Blog, plenty of tips and articles. He also has guests posts frequently so there is a lot of good, practical information from several sources.

Nikon Rumors: Pretty self-explanatory, I am a Nikon guy so I read this daily, also has Photo Rumors for everyone else!

The Photo Argus: Excellent photography blog, plenty of posts with tips and examples of great photography from people all over the web, been featured here myself.

Light Stalking: Another great blog with useful tips and examples.

Iffles.com: If you ever need inspiration check out here monthly themes group on flickr. For GIMP users, read her blog, many great tips and tricks using the Open Source editor. A fun blog to read.

One more thing to check out, last week KelbyTV’s premiere of the new show: The Grid. Just fun and helpful to watch.

These are just some of my favorites, what are some of yours. Any I should check out, always looking for new interesting reads!!

Here is my picture of the day:

Almost Feels Like Summer

This was taken from the Wabash Bridge over the Chicago River as the sunset. This is fused together from three exposures due to the fact the sun flare washed out the sky, so to get that back in I took two underexposed pics to capture the actual blue sky.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!