Take the time to do it again:

by Christopher Foltz

I know we all have looked at some of our shots and thought, I really like it, but there is just something about it I wish I could have done better. I do this all the time, hence why I have so many shots that I have taken a dozen or so times on many different occasions. One, I know lighting changes, but also maybe just the execution of the shot, height of the camera, or even upgrade in equipment or software. Well mine is the case of new software, execution, and different time of day.

This is a previous shot I took of the fork in the Chicago river from the Lake Street Bridge around Christmas time. It is a Pano stitched from 5 vertical shots taken with my Nikkor 18-200mm VRII lens.

A River Runs Through

The other day while I was walking downtown on one of my usual photowalks through the city, I decided to attempt this again. Taken with the same Lens, this time I was closer to blue hour and wanted to instead of doing 5 verticals, I would do 8 horizontals to help up the quality first of all, and make sure the distortion is less by overlapping more. I also stitched this in Hugin instead of Photoshop which helped a lot, since it allows a lot more control over the stitch. The shot was then tonemapped in Photomatix and finally touched up in GIMP.

The result is below:

River of Lights

Personally a better shot in my opinion, more detail, brighter and better execution, except I cut off the top of 333 Wacker when I stitched because I did not leave myself enough room for cropping after stitching. So maybe one more time will get it totally right!