One of my Favorite Views of the City

by Christopher Foltz

So it is a popular spot to take in the city skyline, one because it is on the lakeshore, two because of the large rocks which give a nice spot to sit, take pictures, and feel like you’re on a coast, and three because your just north of the city. Where I am talking about is where Fullerton and the lakeshore meet. I have taken dozens of shots from here and I know a lot of others have as well. For me it is so close to where I live that it is easy to walk to and I could sit here all day and night. The city is so photogenic and there are so many little things you can do here to make it shot unique.

From low to the ground:

Laying Low

To a Nice three shot pano HDR:

As it Shines

These were taken last week during Chicago’s Warm Up. Hope everyone has a great start to the week.