Skyline: Day and Evening Light

by Christopher Foltz

As you probably have noticed I love Skyline shots. Most of mine have been taken in evening with very low light. Trying to expand my portfolio and also how to work with day light and as the sun is setting/rising I have done two different styles of shots of the skyline. These were taken at two different locations on two different days. Both are Panoramas, of course, and capture the city in a different way.

The first is a shot from Olive Park, which has a great view of the North part of Downtown. It was taken on a beautifully sunny Saturday and was inspired by my fiance’s and my engagement shots which a few were taken at the same spot. I included the lookout with a man taking photographs in this to give the shot some depth. This is stitched from five vertical shots:

Colder Weather

Then a couple days ago I went to the famous spot to take photos of the skyline, Adler Planetarium. With the car show going on at McCormick place there was a lot of activity, especially with the warming of the weather. I was one a dozen people with their DSLRs out there and several with tripods. I wanted to try something i hadn’t done before to make sure I captured all the light, so I went with an HDR panorama, three horizontal shots across, each one of those consisting of five separate exposures, so fifteen separate shots involved on this one:

Skyline HDR

A part of photography is always going out and trying something new, even on a shot you have taken a hundred or so times. If you live in the Chicago area get out and enjoy the next few days, the weather is supposed to be great!