Creating a world from photography….

by Christopher Foltz

Instead of a play on words, I do mean this literally. I decided that I one wanted to try a full 360 degree x 180 degree panorama. Secondly, from that create a Stereographic Projection, aka a Little Planet. Well first off I needed to find a nice place to do this, so on my recent walk through Millennium park, from my previous post: Winter Tourist. So after a lot of research and not wanting to purchase a program yet like PTGui. So I decided on Hugin, great program based also off of Panorama Tools. So after four days of creating my own control points to try and make it fit as well as it could, I came out with this:

Millennium Park

From this I also used Hugin to create a Stereographic Projection, my little planet:

Millennium Planet

This was my little experiment, if you are attempting this and want any pointers on anything I figured out from my first attempt, please email me.

Have a good week everyone.