A Mid-Winter Mini Photowalk

by Christopher Foltz

So the other night while my fiance was working on some work things, I went out to take some photographs. I decided to go to the South portion of Lincoln Park because I always love the view of the city from there, and I had not been there since the weather was a lot warmer.

I started by the bridge over the South Pond which has a wonderful view of the skyline and with no leaves on the trees, gave a great view:

This City Shines

(I decided to go with Black and White on this shot because I love the feel of skylines this way and to break it up from the other shots taken.)

While here I decided to play with my new phone and my 35mm f1.8 Lens(Thanks again hun for the great gift!) and came out with this Bokeh shot:

Skyline Bokeh

Now this is where I made the decision to turn this into a little photowalk, thinking “Hey it is not to cold here, I want to get a Panoramic of the John Hancock with the Bears colors from North Avenue on the Lakeshore.” It was not too far from where I was, so I headed out. I did take this shot of the Pavilion at the South Pond:

And also another skyline shot from here, which came out extremely crisp:

So here is where I left the South Pond area and I realized this might have been a not so good idea. I walked through the tunnel and into the parking lot to head to the pedestrian bridge over Lakeshore Drive and the wind hit. Wow was it cold. You would think growing up on Lake Huron I would know better, from living up on lake Superior I would know better, but nope. But I made it there and I got this shot, well three shots, a panorama of the lake front and the John Hancock supporting its Chicago Bears:

Big John Supports Da Bears

I think it came out well and was worth it. I didn’t totally freeze. It was a nice fun little walk though cold, and did not take long at all. On the way back I walked back over the bridge at the South Pond and just realized they added some signage that I thought was nice:

I hope you enjoyed my walk, more will come as the weather warms up in the spring. Some of these are yet to be posted to my Flickr account so the few of you who read my blog get first views of them.

Enjoy and have a great Thursday!