Processing: Retro looks

by Christopher Foltz

Since processing is such a huge part of photography these days with Photoshop, GIMP, etc I decided to take another look at a popular trend: retro. There are so many Photoshop actions out there with the retro look or feel to them. Tons of blog posts dedicated to these actions. Well instead of using an action, I decided to try and recreate on myself, just by lightening tones in a shot. This is a lot different from my normal shots of cityscapes and such. I took this using my 35mm f1.8 lens on my D3000, using the timer and my tripod. I think it turned out well, what do you think:

He's strictly rhythm he doesn't wanna make it cry or sing

Now I wish I had the knowledge and hardware to do this without having to process it in Photoshop. I love film photography. But when all you have is digital, you do the best you can. What are your thoughts on the retro trend? Do you use any of these actions, do you have your own methods?

Have a great Thursday!