New Year’s Resolutions – Photography Version

by Christopher Foltz

I am not a huge New Year’s Resolution type of person, that is because you should be able to do that at any time -> set your goal, reach it, why does it have to be a new year to do this. But I decided after my first full year of really being into this photography thing to set some goals for myself for 2011. What are your goals?

Where the River Ends

*Work on my patience! – A lot of times while I am out, I am so excited to get to the next shot or get home to look at what I have taken, I loose some quality in my shots. This goes a long way in photography and life in general.

Watch Your Step

*Don’t fret on what you don’t have. – Yes, I would love to have a better camera, but you know what, I do love the one I have. It is light, I know where everything is at, and it when set-up right it does take great shots. There are a million different things I want, you just need to be happy with what you got and enjoy it.

Tunnel of Light

*Take more portraits! – I obviously love the night time of the city. But on of my favorite shots is the random one of my parents from their Christmas visit. I need to take more in the moment shots for those great memories.

A World Apart

*Enter more contests. – One, it is fun, two it gives you something to strive for, and three, you just never know what is going to happen and who is going to see your work.

Glass of Wine on a Friday Night

*Finally, as everyone says, keep shooting! – It is the only way to get better and well that is why we are all into this, isn’t it?

I hope everyone has a blast on New Year’s Eve and is safe. 2010 was amazing and I know 2011 will be even better! How can it not, I am getting married to the love of my life!

Cheers to the New Year!