A Weekend with Family

by Christopher Foltz

This weekend my family came to visit myself and my fiance. We enjoyed playing tourists through the city and of course I was carrying my camera. The shots I took though were not of my usual night time long exposures but just capturing the moments, the way we all first start taking pictures. I love these images, taken from what is actually going on around us, not trying to set the scene and make the perfect moments, but actually having the perfect moments.

Like here, catching my parents enjoying a laugh:

My Parents

These are the instances to capture and enjoy. What I also took from the weekend, is again a reminder that you don’t need a zoom lens to capture everything around you. The one who I adore, my fiance, was nice enough to support my hobby and gave me a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 for Christmas. So all weekend I kept that on my camera and nothing else. Here are two city shots I captured, the first the view from my parents hotel room:

Early Evening Light

And here of Chicago’s Famous Water Tower:

Water Tower

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys spending time with their loved ones!!

To finish off a couple more randoms from the weekend: