A Look Back

by Christopher Foltz

Since this blog is so new I though I would post some older shots that I find interesting and maybe others will too.

I purchased my first and still only DSLR back in November of 2009 before trip to New York with my fiance because I wanted the ability to take high quality shots, and never thought I would be into photography as much as I am now. My fiance really is the inspiration to take pictures, she loves photography and as much as sometimes I am sadden by her feedback (difference of opinions) she always gives it to me straight. But from that New York trip, though a very common shot, we were on the Top of the Rock right towards sunset and stumbled across this shot a year later noticing how the light made the Empire State Building stand out as it has for years. Hence the name ‘Iconic’:


The next two were taken from a summer night when I first got into these long exposure, night shots that I have come to love and as you can tell take often. The first, titled “At the Speed of Light” is a long exposure shot taken of the Ferris Wheel and Swing ride at Navy Pier. The one thing that does bug me is the fact the lights have been out on that one row for over a year now so it has that patch missing:

At the Speed of Light

This second one was taken from the non-popular side of Navy Pier of the skyline which is why it is named “Away from the Crowd”:

Away from the Crowd

Lastly, two shots that are not of cityscapes and long exposures. The first was taken in Three River’s Michigan along Corey Lake during Sunset:

Sunset Silhouettes

The last of this post is one taken just down the street from our place in Chicago. I love Autumn colors and the trees just shine this time of year:

Changing Seasons